The Best for the Best



Expert in IT, Broadcast Systems, Post Production, Security, Telco and more ...

Client base consists of well known domestic & inter- national high tech firms.

More than 30 years of experience in Executive Search for various clients.

There are basically three steps in our work:

1. At a first meeting/contact with our client, detailed specifications of the position to be filled, accountabilities and profile are drawn up, as well as getting a good understanding of its environment.

This includes size and nature of the company, links to a parent company if applicable, products, markets, company performance, organization structure, management qualifications, etc. This information is essential in order for us to properly represent our client, the positions, and the opportunity to potential candidates in the market place during our search activities. We are at your entire disposal for additional meetings you may find desirable during the course oft he search.

2. Identifying a representative sample or target companies to spot directly or indirectly the right individuals who are presently, or were, employed in these companies.

Typically the companies targeted are by industry, direct competition, product, distribution or other factors, such as subsidiary companies of U.S. multinationals in Germany, seen to be relevant to satisfying the requirements of our client.

We shall review our list of potential candidates with you to focus on the most interesting ones and, if needed, review the position specification and/or incumbent's profile on the basis of the survey results. Potential candidates are interviewed in depth and preliminary references are taken to ensure the appropriateness and quality of the candidates. We subsequently submit a written report on each qualified and interested candidate, outlining his experience, performance as well as his potential and motivation for the open position.

3. Setting up interviews with each candidate presented and when needed, assisting you in conducting them.

Our assistance is also available to both client and candidate during the final negotiations. In all instances, it includes a thorough reference checking of the lead candidate.

Our ultimate responsibility consists of the presentation of qualified and interested candidates to the open position in accordance with your specifications, as well as the assistance in your final selection.

We strive to establish a professional relationship based on mutual trust with our clients. In this respect, we provide them with all relevant information gathered during our search and we expect them to do the same particularly when the company environment or needs have changed. Any significant change in the specifications of the positions therefore calls for a review of the assignment, particularly in terms of fees.